Chatters.World Rules

Here are the Chatters.World Rules from A-to-Z

By entering, you agree to be at least 18 years of age. If you are not 18, leave now. If we find out you are underage, we WILL BAN YOU. Don't go crying to mommy about it.
No posting pictures of animals and humans having sex or asking for animals to have sex with you. You should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking about it. You will be kicked or banned.
Remember, this is the Internet. No matter how much you think you can trust someone, they may not be who they claim they are. Do not give out any personal information to anyone and do not share naked pics. We can not help you if they are trying to scam you.

If a mod or admin mutes, kicks or bans you, they did so for a reason.

If you disagree with their decision or think it was made in error, fill out this form.

You may also log into chat as a guest and politely ask a mod or admin via private message why you were muted, kicked or banned.

If their answer is not satisfactory, do not argue with them; instead fill out the form at the link they provide you.

Do not share or distribute content which you do not own. That includes any content protected by copyright or privately owned content such as pictures, private chat messages and personal information. You will be subject to a mute, kick or ban. This includes items from Google that you have no rights to.
It is not cool when users post the personal information of other chatters or a person not in chat. This includes posting public or private messages of others from chat. If you try to doxx another user, including your “wife,” we will ban you. Please report any suspicious activities relating to the exploitation of chat users to a moderator or admin immediately.
Please use English when posting in main chat and do not use capital letters unless using for one word emphasis. You will be warned, muted or kicked if you don't comply.
If you try to evade a mute, kick or ban by creating another account, you will be banned, unless you use that account to contact a mod to ask why you were banned. If you do not comply with mod directions after the inquiry, you will be banned.
Don’t even think about trying to exploit or hack this chatroom. First: You’re not going to be able too. Second: if you do, you will be permanently banned.
The posting of pictures or discussion of bloody snuff-like content is strictly prohibited. Do not threaten violence on others. Those posting such pictures or threatening violence toward others will be kicked or banned.
VIP packages will be sold in the future. VIP packages are strictly done on a donation basis to help defray site costs. Should you purchase a package, you are not immune from any of these rules. If you break a rule and get banned your donation will not be refunded.
Although we do staff moderators, they are here on a volunteer basis. They cannot be on every minute of every day. Abuse or harassment of staff will not be tolerated in any form and you are subject to a mute, kick or ban.

Serial harassment of another user or staff is a criminal offense. If you are serially abusing the staff, we may involve law enforcement and provide them your IP address and our logs. Don't be that jerk that does that.

All adults of any race, gender, religion or sexual orientation are allowed in this chat. We do not discriminate based on race, gender, religion or sexual orientation as long as you are qualified to be here.

Fellow users are expected to respect other users at all times. While you do not have to agree with what other people do, you must show tolerance and respect for others. If you fail to do so, we will warn, mute, kick or ban you.

There is no room for anything other than love in chat. Those who engage in hateful speech based on race, sex, gender, age, religion or sexual orientation will be warned, muted, kicked or banned from the site.

This is not a sex chat. This is not an expose yourself chat. This is not a talk about your junk chat. No nudes or explicit talk is allowed in any chat room. We have a zero tolerance policy about this kind of nonsense. Any violator breaking these rules should be ashamed of themselves and will be banned.
There likewise is a zero-tolerance policy for users that post phone numbers, e-mails or instant messaging IDs such as Skype, Kik or any social media of any type in public chat. Anyone who violates this rule will be immediately banned. You will also be banned if you spam your social media IDs or phone numbers via PM to multiple users at the same time.
Pic trading is strictly prohibited. If you offer to trade pics you will be muted, kicked or banned.

Uploading photos of users under the age of 18 is strictly forbidden. Those that post clothed pics of minors will be muted, kicked or banned.

Posting naked pictures of minors is a criminal offense. If you think it's ok to post child porn, you are a sick person. We don’t want you here, so LEAVE NOW! When we catch you we will forward your IP address to law enforcement or a third-party group that WILL follow up by reporting your ISP to the appropriate authorities or your internet service provider.

If any user witnesses this happening, please report to an administrator or moderator immediately as we will ban and report.

We reserve the right to deny anyone access at any time for any reason.

You have no free speech rights in chat. Staff has the right to censor speech based on context. However, we will generally refrain from doing so unless it breaks a chat rule.

Management reserves the right to mute, kick or ban any user or class of users from chat. In order to provide a superior experience, this right includes banning all users from a country or region that is known to harbor scammers, spammers or other serial rule abusers

If your country is banned and you want an exception for your device, please click here. Any decision on whether to allow you in is at the sole discretion of management.

We do not allow VPN or Proxy connections as these types of connections are used by scammers, spammers and serial rule abusers. If you are required to use one please contact us here. Any decision on whether to whitelist your IP is at the sole discretion of management.

Solicitation is against the rules. This chat is not a street corner. eWhores and scammers are not allowed. Please report them immediately so they can be permanently banned.
You and what you have to say is no more important than any other user. Do not spam the chat. Do not scroll or repeat posts. Do not flood the room with photos. Those spamming in any way will be muted, kicked or banned.